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Thinking about selling your property for yourself?  Congratulations!  I obviously believe selling real estate to be a rewarding experience and I can understand why you would like to try your hand at it too! 

Most Realtors are taught to persuade home sellers not to sell their own home on their own at all costs.  I feel that trying to force an unwilling homeowner to list their home is a waste of time and an insult to the homeowner.  

 Rather than argue or try to persuade you against selling your own home, I recognize it would benefit both of us if I Help You Sell Your Home Yourself!!!  By helping you sell your own home I’m hoping that you might help me in my business.  This is what has become known as a win/win situation or a fair trade. 

In nature it’s called a symbiotic relationship. 

I'm not trying to convince you to list with a Realtor, I'd like to offer to create a virtual tour of your home at no charge to you. Realtors use ads to make the phone ring. Internet advertising is the latest tool available to both the professional Realtor and the FSBO.  I'll even put the tour on the Internet for you to email to buyer prospects and to copy it to CDs to hand out at your next open house.  

Would this be OK with you?   Please take a look at a sample of what I can offer as a tour for your property.  

Now, the question you want answered.  What do I want from you?  The opportunity to sell your home of course; and also the opportunity to show future sellers in our market what I have offer in the way of marketing their home. Those sellers are not as confident as you, sellers who are looking for a Realtor.  

How can providing you with a free tour accomplish this?  My tours are branded with my contact information, the content of the tour can be edited with YOUR information so that people will call you for showings etc if you prefer, but if I bring a buyer for your home, I would like for you to co-operate with me on the commission (not required for the free tour).  Also, when you share my tour with your customers – word gets around!  I am after listings, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

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Tina Goddard
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