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The purpose of a residential home inspection is to disclose the general conditions of the building, improvements, mechanical systems and appliances as they exist on the day of inspection.




The scope of the residential home inspection is a visual observation, with limited use of mechanical instruments, of readily accessible areas of the building, improvements, mechanical systems and appliances.  The inspection is limited to areas and systems indentified as follows:  grounds and appurtenances; roofing/guttering/other roof components; home exteriors; garage/carport; electrical; basement/crawl space/slab; plumbing; heating; cooling; attic; general interiors and kitchen/appliances. 



Additional inspections may include (depending upon age of the home) - ASBESTOS



The A B C’s of a home inspection:



ACCESSIBLE:  Admitting close approach, but which first may require the removal of a panel, door or similar covering of the item described, without damaging the building structure or finish.  See READILY ACCESSIBLE.


ACCESSORY BUILDING:  A secondary building, the use of al to the main building.


ADEQUATE OR ADEQUACY:  Equal to a requirement, sufficient.


AMBIENT TEMPERATURE:  The temperature around equipment.


ATTIC:  Accessible space between top of uppermost ceiling and the underside of roof.  Inaccessible spaces are considered structural cavities.


BASEMENT:  A space of full story height below the first floor wholly or partly below exterior grade.


CELLAR:  That portion of a building, the ceiling of which is entirely below grade or less than 4 feet, 6 inches above grade.


CHASE:  A grove or shaft in a wall provided for accommodation of pipes, ducts, or conduits. 


CIRCUIT:  The path of electricity away from, and back to its source.


CODE:  Refers to the local building codes.


CONCEALED:  Rendered inaccessible.


Systems and conditions that are not within the scope of the inspection include, but are not limited to: environmental hazards (e.g. lead paint, formaldehyde, toxic or flammable materials, asbestos, radon); pest infestation; portable appliances (e.g. washer, dryers, window air conditioners); security systems; telephone or television systems, fire or lawn sprinklers; swimming pools; spas or jetted tubs; tennis courts; playgrounds or other recreational or leisure appliances or equipment; below ground septic or drainage systems; water wells; zoning ordinances; or any items considered cosmetic in nature.  Any general comments about these systems and conditions are informational and do not represent an inspection.


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